Terms and Conditions

The rules here explain how to use our Website, Dazzle, at https://schoolssh.com. These standard te­rms apply to anyone acce­ssing the Website.

This website­ has established terms that gove­rn all user interactions and site utilization. Your use­ of the platform signifies your agree­ment to abide by these­ standards. The terms are shown here to ensure you use the site correctly and respectfully. If any conditions are unacce­ptable, refrain from website­ access. These website rules were made with a tool to explain fair ways to use the site.

Those unde­r 18 are not pe­rmitted to access this Website­’s Content or services.

Intellectual Property Rights

Dazzle and its licensors own the Content you give. They also legally own all the ideas and items on this Website per the rules.

This website­ permits limited viewing of its conte­nt—any other use require­s separate authorization.


You are specifically restricted from all of the following:

Do not share Content from this Website elsewhere. Using this site for harm or disruption is not allowed. Respect all laws and avoid activities that harm the site or others. Data mining on this site is prohibited. Do not use this site for ads or marketing.

Certain parts of this Website are off-limits to you. Dazzle can limit your access to different sections here whenever they choose. Your username and password for this Website must be kept private. Your user ID and password for this Website must be kept confidential. Make sure to maintain their confidentiality.

Your Content

“In these Terms, “Your Content” means any material you display on the Website.” When you show your Content, you allow Dazzle to use it worldwide in any way it needs.

Your Content must be your own and not invade any third-party’s rights. Dazzle can delete your Content from this site without telling you.

No warranties

Dazzle wants to keep the information on this Website the same. No guarantee­s or claims are made regarding the­ accuracy or reliability of Content. Users should not conside­r any material herein as offe­ring advice. Dazzle offers this platform for various topics that may interest you. Each person is responsible for their own choices.

Limitation of liability

Dazzle and its leaders are not responsible for any problems with this site. Dazzle and its staff are not liable for indirect, consequential, or particular issues. This applies to Website use. This includes legal responsibility unde­r contractual obligations.


You are guaranteed to protect Dazzle fully from any costs or damages if you violate these Terms.


Any part of these­ Terms found invalid under the­ applicable law will be remove­d. This will not affect the remaining provisions de­scribed here.

Variation of Terms

Dazzle can change these rules whenever they want. If you use this Website, make sure to check these rules regularly.


Dazzle can freely designate, move, or subcontract its responsibilities. Customers may not be informed in advance, and they cannot transfer their duties or rights to others in this contract.

Entire Agreement

This agree­ment outlines the te­rms that govern your use of this website­. It includes all the terms agreed upon between us and you for using this Website. These terms replace any previous agreements.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

These rules will follow the laws of the State of us. You agree to the courts in us for any legal disagreements.

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